Dean Allen on Yellow Journalism

This just in…gotta love Dean Allen…


Arguing with the media is a waste of time.
The good news is, they are rapidly becoming irrelevant.

Fussing over an “all white” club is sort of silly too.
It is an obvious snipe at Gov. McMaster to just
gratuitously throw that in – imputing racial intolerance
to a man who clearly has non, nor has he ever.

All white club huh?
There have been lots of those:

The 66 Jews who wrote the books of the Bible
(actually fewer, because several authors like
Moses & Paul each wrote several.)

The Lord and his 12 Disciples.

The 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence.

King John & all the Barons who placed their seals
on the Magna Charta. (There were no “signatures”
affixed to documents in the 1200’s)

The original Seven Mercury Astronauts.

The seventy scholars who translated the Latin Vulgate
into the King James Bible.

All the Kings of England.

All the General officers in the Union Army, during the
War Between the States. (Can’t say the same for the
Confederate army, because they had one Indian,
Stand Waite, a Cherokee from Oklahoma.)

All the presidents of the FORD Motor Company.

Every Prime Minister of Israel.

The folks who signed the Mayflower Compact.

Every athlete who ever won Olympic gold for swimming.

The folks on the far left of the political spectrum
want to make a big deal about any group of white
people and pretend they are bigoted.

By the way, listing clubs of all white men? Those on the
left have plenty of those too. How about the
Politburo, of the Central Committee, of the Communist Party,
of the Soviet Union? White as the driven snow!

All cows have four legs.
Lassie has four legs.
Therefore; Lassie is a cow?

Best Wishes,



What they really don’t like about Henry is the fact
he is a Republican, and was an early Trump supporter.
They teach them in yellow journalism 101, it is OK
to take cheap shots at folks like us (You, me, Henry.)

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