CNN has VD?

From a friend: ” I just watched a clip of some strange woman on CIA front…CNN…say they need to stop using the term “fake news”. It’s backfired onto the MSM. She prefers viral distortions or something and quite proud that it would now be VD, since it was a transmittable disease. That one isn’t going well either, I hear. Trending on Twitter is: “CNN has VD. ” LOL

Yes, it does look like WikiLeaks made my case yesterday and the MSM is backpedaling like crazy. All this Russian hacking stuff information they have been repeating in the pages of the NYT, on CNN, etc., was based on rumors.

We are in a world of hurt – spies spying on spies and all our personal conversations for the last 2,4, 6, 8? years may be recorded somewhere? Maybe the ACLU will file suit and the Supreme Court with Grouch on it will  order everything gathered without a FISA order destroyed.

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