The Most Ethical Administration in History? NOT!

Thanks to Education warrior Donna Garner for this find. I have not read all 633 scandals, I am guessing a few of them might be ambivalently scandalous – but if Donna has vetted the list, I am pretty sure I’ll agree with her!  Read now if you can, or save it as she suggests for posterity. Someday you will be glad you did because the MSM, the “progressive” academy, and some churches will remember only the good he did and maybe even manufacture some since the corpus of good deeds by this administration for the majority of people over the last eight years is pretty thin. I also expect negative stories in the press to become harder to find. Just sayin….

[This is an amazing document to keep for posterity because it clearly shows the unbelievable number of scandals (633) of the Obama Administration. – Donna Garner]

“A Complete Guide to the 633 Scandals of the Obama Administration” —

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