The Sessions Confirmation Hearing #2

More Commentary on yesterday’s Judiciary Hearing examining Senator Jeff Sessions’ fitness to be Attorney General.

Most important testimony came from Ted Cruz who responded to the super sanctimonious questioning and lecturing of Jeff Sessions by Democrat members, he responded by calling them out on their silence over the past 8 years as the Department of Justice failed over and over to enforce the rule of law and in fact to distort it with little pushback from Congress, and most important, with no pushback Democrat Judiciary Committee members with responsibility for oversight. See this 12 minute takedown here:

This testimony needs no comment except to say that his focus on the most ignorant and most unfair of the Senators questioning Sessions,  Minn. Senator Al Franken. You need to hear this for yourself.

Senator Durbin, D-Ill. (Minority Whip) was the third most annoying of the Democrats (second was Patrick Leahy). Durbin ragged Sessions about Sessions’ position on Amnesty. Sessions pointed out that it will be Durbin’s and the rest of the Congress’ laws that the Attorney General will be enforcing.  Sessions said the cycle of amnesty laws that end up being ignored undermine the nation’s faith in the government. He said Americans have a right to have their laws enforced and that is not happening now.

Durbin didn’t stop until he got Sessions  to stray from his usual message about immigration to say, “We will not end the refugee program.”  Actually, that will not be the Attorney General’s call, but is merely his prediction. I hope we do end the UN/State Dept. program as it exists today.

Second most obnoxious Democrat, Patrick Leahy asked this question. Can religion ever be a reason for not hiring someone? Sessions responded with this example: Suppose a person’s religious beliefs are so strong when it comes to abortion that they feel forced to use their position in the DOJ to try to prevent women from obtaining legal abortions – that person would have to be dismissed. The gotcha effort failed.

Then Leahy went down a very ugly path questioning Sessions about Trump’s recorded crude remarks using the word “pussy.”  Sen. Leahy asked this: “Is grabbing a women by her genitals sexual assault? Sessions answered “yes.” Leahy came across silly, vindictive and irrelevant.

Sen. Mike Lee asked a great question; what about agency “guidance documents” will AG prosecute based on these?” Personal note: one of the worst of these “guidance documents” was circulated as a “Dear Colleagues” letter as a U.S. Department of Education threatening loss of funds if colleges and universities didn’t crack down on alleged sexual assaults using approaches favored by the DOE, such as guilt based on flimsy evidence and absence of legal assistance for the accused.  Males are the usual “accused” persons and the goal of the hearings seem to be expulsion of the accused with no recourse or provisions for appeal.

Senator Crapo, R-Idaho – wanted to discuss Regularity overreach. Sessions agreed and lamented that  agencies failed to consult the Office of Legal Counsel before over-reaching.
Crapo compared  Operation Chokehold with the movie “Minority Report.”

Fourth most annoying Democrat, Richard Blumenthal tried to browbeat Sessions into giving up his vote on the Judiciary committee when other nominees come before the committee. That would be foolish and Sessions didn’t fall for it.

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